Howdy! I’m Taz.

And yes, it’s short for Tazewell. I create impactful digital work. Focusing on responsive front-end development, UI/UX, animation, and marketing.

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What I Do

My expertise lies in front-end development and interaction design. I have a passion for solving problems, constantly learning, and producing work that I can be proud of. I started off as a graphic designer, but quickly learned to love coding. I’ve worked as a developer in the marketing field since 2008. Typically working in small team, I develop the front-end code of projects and work closely with back-end developers to integrate codebases. I work with other members of the team to coordinate timelines, estimates, style guides, and presentations. I’m also tasked with communicating technical challenges with non-technical team members or clients.

User Interface Design

I’m constantly reading up on best practices and modern trends within web design. This allows me to work fluidly with other designers to create great digital work. My goal is to always let the design of the work help users connect with the product or service.The design should be simple enough that the user doesn’t have to work to find what they are looking for. Keep it clean and concise.

Web Development

If you design it, I can make it breathe. With over 8 years of professional digital experience, I know the ins-and-outs of web development. Front-end development is a passion of mine and I love seeing projects go from concept to production. I’ve built websites, emails, banners (both HTML5 and Flash), applications and much more. If there’s good documentation, I can work with it.

Digital Leadership

Developing is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m frequenty brought into concept meetings, consulting roles and pitches. I pride myself on the ability to explain complex development issues to people from different backgrounds. Whenever an issue presents itself, I can lead a digital team to conquering that challenge.

About Me

Born and raised in Kansas City. I went to school at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

If the weather is nice, I enjoy riding my motorcycle around town. I have a 2015 Triumph Thruxton and absolutely love the bike.

I love trying new restaurants and bars. Exploring a city is something I’ve always enjoyed. Discovering a new favorite sandwich is like striking gold.

When I’m at home, I enjoy playing videogames on my computer or watching my fantasy sports teams fail miserably.


Web development is constantly changing and I try to keep myself up to date on current frameworks / toolkits. I’ve always been of the mindset of quality over quantity. I don’t list out every framework / tool I’ve ever used; I list out the ones I use on a regular basis and am very comfortable with. I find this set of tools and languages can build almost any type of digital project.


  • Jade / Nunjucks / Handlebars
  • Javascript / Jquery
  • Angular / React


  • Express
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Grunt / Gulp / Mixture
  • Git / Bitbucket
  • PSD / AI
  • Flash (AS3)
  • After Effects / Final Cut




Getting insurance can be difficult, so we were asked to make it easier. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City wanted a website where users could easily get a quote on health insurance, obtain information on the marketplace and learn commonly used terms in the insurance field. I created a "natural language" paragraph that would allow users to find a quote for themselves. Instead of filling out a large form, users would complete a sentence that fit their needs. Quotes were instantly generated and users could see how much they could save with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City.

We also integrated e-mail and text message reminds with Mailchimp and Call Loop.

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The Local Pig


When Alex Pope opened his locally sourced butcher shop in Kansas City’s industrial East Bottoms neighborhood, he intended to operate as a wholesale supplier for area restaurants. But his transparent philosophy and mouthwatering charcuterie earned a cult-like following. Before he knew it, a brand was born. So we stepped in to tell their digital story.

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All bank sites look the same, right? Well, that’s what we wanted to break away from with the new website redesign. We incorporated a clean user interface, non-intrustive login system, and non-cluttered navigation.


KC Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs asked us to create an interactive experience that included their fans. I developed an interactive video experience allowed fans to have the perspective of a player entering the stadium on game day. When a user logged into the Chiefs Kingdom website, the video would pull their information from the database and inject it into the video using HTML5 canvas. You could also create custom videos to send to friends.

The campaign is no longer active, but you can check out the dev environment here.

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Iris Stratocache

In-store App

Smart homes. It’s all the rage these days. But what actually is a smart home? Enter the Stratocache Iris App!

With the help of Angular.JS, we built an in-store touchscreen app where users could find out information on Lowes’ smart home products. Users could see features, prices, plans and FAQs.

The REAL challenge? Build it for an offline mode runs in Firefox 11 (4 year old browser) and the entire site must be rotated 90 degrees (because the touch screen panels are turned that way). Luckily, AngularJS saved the day by supported older browsers and made data model access a breeze.

App can be found in most, if not all, Lowes stores.

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The Stomach To Win


Don’t just show up. Show. That was the theme of the Stomach to Win campaign. Merial used us to create a site that spoke to competitive horse showers. With video, large typography and a bold color scheme, we communicated the "winning" attitude to horse owners.

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hilmor Tetris

HTML5 Game

Everyone loves Tetris! When we looked at the hilmor brand letters, we thought it would be fun to replace the iconic Tetris blocks with hilmor blocks!

I used the Impact.js engine and open source code helped tremendously with kicking off development of this game.

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KC Chiefs Takeover

Rich Media Banner

If youve been to Arrowhead stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, you know how loud it can get there. We wanted to translate that into an online banner ad. So, we took over the Kansas City Stars’ website and allowed users to "get loud" and break the website by rapidly clicking their mouse.

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